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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Edging and Orgasm control is beautiful

Sir has been in control of my orgasms for over 2 1/2 years now. It is impressive how well trained I am at this finely tuned skill. Not that it is always easy. There have been many times I have had to really concentrate and needed to stop suddenly while he is fucking me. This phenomenon is called edging. It is a form of orgasm control sometimes practiced just during a BDSM scene while other times it is used in a long term relationship where the orgasms are controlled 24/7. 

The submissive is brought just to the verge of having an orgasm, only to have the stimulation withdrawn and the potential orgasm delayed/denied.  Usually, this cycle of excitement and denial is repeated until the scene is concluded.  The way most people play this particular game, it’s that it is the dominant’s prerogative to determine when (or if) the submissive is allowed to orgasm.

Orgasm control is a broader term, it includes edging, tease and denial, as orgasm on demand.  It’s ultimate expression is when a submissive has been trained to orgasm on command, either with a single word (Sir most often will simply say "cum"). I've also heard of other Dom's using a hand signal as the trigger to let go and orgasm.

Edging and orgasm control are an important part of the D/S dynamic between Sir and I.  He absolutely controls all of my orgasms.  It’s been an amazing two plus years that I have required his explicit permission to  cum.  I expect, that as long as we are together, it will remain that way.  And, why wouldn't it?  It’s a very fulfilling “game@ for us to play together and has become synonymous with submission in my mind.

A lot of dominants choose orgasm control as a way of expressing their dominance, their mastery over their submissive.  I suppose that psychology does exist as a part of the dynamic between Sir and myself but I also think it is because he inspires me to want to submit to him. The compulsion to obey him is so strong that I often wonder if I can break it. I'm not sure about that and to be honest, I really have no desire to find out.

It is only upon meeting Sir that I learned I was multi-orgasmic. I would have never suspected that! Because of his training and power to inspire, I am capable of cumming again and again and again.  Often so many times that  lose count. Yes it could be said that I am one spoiled, orgasmic bitch :). 

So why would man deny a woman like me this beautiful, magical, pleasure? In this state of orgasmic bliss, I feel beautiful, I serve Sir well, and am an incredibly sexual being, So,why wouldn't he let me cum and cum and cum? Why would he want to deny me pleasure?

I guess the simple answer to that is:

Because he can.

He has that power, and he enjoys using it.  Sometimes he will tell me that he is going to use me like a whore and that it’s not about my pleasure, it’s about his. My training is so deep that I am now actually turned on by this thought. Someday, he may not allow even one orgasm when he fucks me and while that thought terrifies me, it also makes me feel submissive and turned on. 

I think I will feel a overwhelming sense of pride from that day. 

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