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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

An awesome evening serving him

Life has been particularly time consuming and difficult lately especially for Sir. He has had a lot of stress and emotionally taxing situations going on. Because of the strength of my submission to him and the importance of his needs and well being to me, this makes me very sad. My brain is so wired to wanting his pleasure that when he is feeling bad, it is upsetting. Unfortunately, there is nothing I can do to help directly with his current issues but I can help by being a well behaved, low maintenance little bitch and that is exactly what I intend to do!

I invited him for dinner last night. I absolutely LOVE to serve him! It is so rewarding for me and it brings me so much pleasure to please him. We had such a nice time. It was hot, passionate, fun, relaxing, amusing, cathartic and many other epic emotions. It felt so good to reconnect. When I first let him at the door, I swear I felt my pussy just explode in delight! His smell seemed more intoxicating than ever. It never fails to make me swoon. I don't think I've ever "swooned" like that over anyone before but it's the one reoccurring word that comes to mind when I think about the effect of his natural scent. It's evokes this primal and animalistic reaction in me.

When we got upstairs, I continued    preparing dinner but that lasted all of 2 minutes before he summoned me over to him. It you had connected me to a voltage meter, I'm sure I would have blown the thing up! I was so fucking turned on!

I started to say how it had been so long and for this reason, he should give me a bunch of orgasms. As soon as it was out of my mouth, I realized that being demanding probably wasn't the right thing to do. He wan't happy about my presumptuous attitude and went on to tell me exactly how it was going to be. I quickly changed my mindset back to that of focusing on his pleasure. Only then did I truly feel at peace and back in the place where both he and I desire me to be.

I continue to be fascinated by this deep need to submit to him and only him. When he is in control and uses me exactly how he wants to, I feel a high like none I've ever known. Intellectually, this is very odd to me but it is who I am and what I desperately need. It is also interesting that as much as submission has become part of me, the thought of anyone else trying to dominate me is laughable at best and downright creepy at worst. It's a role that can be filled by only him. Something I accept but am also terrified by. To know he has that power of me is frightening yet magical. Life would have less meaning without it.

He was rough and dominating and fucked me hard. He told me exactly what was expected of me. I told him I understand and would be the obedient submissive bitch he needs. It felt so good and I loved how he was so tough on me. It was exactly what we both needed.  Despite my little slip in desperation earlier, he gave me many orgasms but only after warning me that I was never to demand or even suggest that he owes me orgasms or anything else for that matter. If I did, he would fuck me without letting me cum. Something that not once in six years has ever happened. I got the message loud and clear and trust me, that is a record I definitely don't want to break!

Afterwards, we both feel asleep for probably 5 or 10 minutes which doesn't happen all that often. At that moment, every fiber of my being was satisfied.

When we finally got up, dinner had cooled down but fortunately it was still salvageable. We went on to have great conversation during dinner. I love when he shares his unique perspective on things. He is funny, direct, charismatic and has this quirky, dominant personality that I find so appealing. He is who he is and makes no apologies about it. I do very well with his personality type and find it far more interesting than phony or passive types. I may not always like what he says but I almost always understand it. We work very well together and he is good for me. Not always easy, but definitely good :)

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  1. When it comes to being needed, we all have a trace of it... Either the need to lead or the need to follow...
    Its nice to see that you got what you needed... By the way, what happen after dinner?... :)