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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Sharing a woman

On Saturday, Sir and I will once again share a woman. I am excited, apprehensive, turned on and many other emotions. Many I can't even identify.

She, I'll call her A, answered an ad I put on Craigslist. She is cute, sweet, naive and very young. About as young as you can legally get. She likes a lot of communication which isn't always the case in these situations. She is attentive and amazingly mature for someone so young.

We met her for lunch last Sunday and I found myself attracted to her. I thought about how it would feel to touch her soft skin and large round breasts. I even went as far as thinking that it may actually be nice to taste her sweet pussy. That I might not just tolerate it but actually enjoy it.

While there are many things I am looking forward to experiencing, like feeling the curves and softness of a women, I do worry about some things. Mostly logistical things. How do condoms work? Sir and I don't use them but he does elsewhere. What happens when he goes back and forth? Or does he just do one then the other?

When Sir and I are together, we are completely focused on each other. I just feel I don't think. I am just a vessel for his desires. All  hear are his words. How am I ever going to focus on someone else? This concerns me. My main concern is are his needs. His pleasure gives me pleasure. My second concern is A's pleasure. She has had some bad experiences with threesome's and it is important to me that she has a good experience.

Another thought  that has crossed my mind is what am I supposed to do when he is fucking her? This is the hardest part. Not so much because of the jealousy but the awkwardness of having nothing to do. I hate that. It breaks my spell and makes me focus on reality.

These are just some of the thoughts in my head. Despite a few minor concerns, I am ready for this! I want to open up and truly experience the beauty of all those contrasts between the male and female forms. I want to feel the satisfaction of sharing this intimate moment with Sir and to beam with pride at knowing that together we found yet another fulfilling experience on our unique and special journey.


  1. Why don't you just sit on her face and have her pleasure you while you are facing T? That way he could kiss you and play/slap your breasts. Its the best of both worlds.

  2. That's a great idea! I'll run it by Sir and see what he thinks :)

  3. Is this a basic for sex only threesome or is the D's (dominant code) in place here. If its D's, has she agreed to do whatever T says?