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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

New friends

Sir and I had an eventful week with two different lady friends. As I mentioned last time, we had a lovely lunch with A last week. We decided to plan a more intimate gathering which is exactly what we did this past Sunday.
Sir wanted her to get there first so her and I could get more comfortable with each other before he arrived. He encouraged foreplay. We were both a little nervous but soon decided we would answer the door naked and then proceeded to strip down to our panties. As you can imagine, Sir was quite pleased.
The encounter went surprisingly  smooth and I don't think anyone felt left out. I know it was the first time I didn't feel left out, upset or jealous in a threesome situation. I was more worried about the other woman's pleasure for a change. I think this was key to controlling any negative feelings I may have  otherwise had. She was soft and sweet and it was interesting to touch her and feel the feminine energy she radiated.

While I appreciated her femininity, I am largely, although not entirely, straight. My sexual energy was largely pulled to Sir. I found that the  biggest difference when I have someone else there is that I am in control of myself 90% of the time instead of being 100% under Sirs control. It just confirmed once again that sex is do much better when left under his command.

I hope it doesn't sound like I didn't enjoy myself though because I definitely did! I had four orgasms. Who would like that? He had given me permission to have as many as I wanted but I found myself so distracted by focusing on her pleasure that I didn't take full advantage. That isn't a complaint just an observation. It was a beautiful, erotic, exciting experience. Just different from what I am used to. 

I was excited to learn had A has a submissive streak and I hope to build on that. I want to see what it is like once we are all more comfortable. I suspect it, like with Sir, it will only get better :)

I did have one concern though. I began worry that I would lose my one on one time with Sir. That is where my submission is reinforced and grows the most. The thought of stifling that process makes me incredibly sad. I brought it up to Sir before I let myself get too upset about something that hadn't even happened and he quickly reassured me that would I need not worry. As usual, he helped calm my fears immediately. He is so good that way.

The other woman we met us Angela. I've met with her 3 times and Sir and I met together with her twice. She is a really nice woman and we all three seem to get along  exceptionally well. We are planning to see each again next week. Hopefully it makes for a hot blog post!

So as you can see, our journey has taken us to yet more new and exciting places places this week. I am not sure where it will go next but I know if it involves Sir and I together it's going to be interesting!


  1. As someone commented on a previous post, did you sit on A's face while T was fucking her and get your pleasure? Was T in total control of the threesome?

    I have yet to be able to get my sub to get into this kind of thing as she is so protective of me and can't get into the sharing thing. For the time being I will live vicariously through what you post about yourself and T.

  2. I didn't do that but I did lick his balls and another time, suck on her tits which were lovely. Both times were while he fucked her. It was fun and I would like to explore more with them both but it didn't take me out of myself like being dominated by him does. Who knows maybe we can get there someday but for now I was very aware of my surroundings. I can't remember the last time that happened. I hope you can get your sub into it. It's definitely a process and won't happen over night but with patience and hopefully her deep seeded need to please you, she will see the great fulfillment it can bring to you both.

  3. I think this must be a very interesting and pleasuring experience.

  4. It was very interesting and sensual Franco. I enjoy it more each time :)