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Friday, July 11, 2014

An Orgasm Interupted

 I have been lying here in a daze for the last 20 minutes. My submission to Sir has reached yet another new level or maybe it just needed this opportunity to show me just how deep it has become. Either way, it was one of the most amazing things that ever happened with my body.

The day started with Sir choosing my outfit and telling me not to wear panties. The scene was set to star one horny bitch! 

Later that afternoon, we discussed plans and we were both a little frustrated by the circumstances preventing us having alone time. When balancing work, family, friends and other women, our connection may not take priority. It's always there and always important but when time is scarce, we need to work on things that could disappear without out attention. I understand that but wanted to make sure we never lose that. 

He takes concerns I have seriously and talks calmly and respectfully to me about them no matter how ridiculous or trivial they may seem. I can honestly say I always feel better after talking with him. He has a very reassuring manner in times of emotional upheaval and of the many things I appreciate about him, this is one of the biggest. 

When he understands me in that way that only he can, my submission grows and I get hornier. So, that evening, it's safe to say, my pussy was clenched and aching!

We didn't get too far in figuring out how we were going to fit in alone time. Both of us had pressing things to deal with throughout the weekend and Sunday we were going to spend some time with A who definitely needed some TLC.  

When I got finally got home about 8:30, my pussy was tight, wet and aching. I could not stop thinking about him controlling me. His strong grip, his firm, commanding voice turning me into putty in his hands and most of all, his huge 8 inch cock ramming me and bringing more orgasms than I can count.

Finally, when I couldn't take much more, I texted him saying I was frustrated and of I could please have permission to cum. 

He wanted to know if so was frustrated with him which I was not. I was frustrated with the roadblocks postponing this  deeply ingrained need to serve him. That along with my brain and pussy pressuring me for a release, I was in a bad way.

He said I may have 5 orgasms in the next 30 minutes. Pleasure flooded my body instantly and I set the alarm for 30 minutes in the future. 

The first one came instantly almost spontaneously. I could feel the oxytocin flood my body and I sense of peace came over me.  I started thinking about focusing on threesome when a text I received a text from A. She seemed to think just she and Sir were going to meet on Sunday and that she hoped her and I get together soon. I was confused and a little thrown off and we texted back and forth a few times. 

I looked at the clock and saw that I just wasted over 10 minutes of my orgasm time. I asked myself what the fuck was I doing wasting this very generous opportunity from Sir and immediately got my head back in submission mode.

I had my second one and then brought out the porn. I know exactly what to watch to make me cum quickly. It did not disappoint and I soon had two more.

As I lay there looking for a new clip, I glanced at the clock. 3 minutes left! I started to panic and clicked on a spanking tube video with a cute young blonde girl who broke a rule and was going to be punished with several implements. I forwarded through talking and several other scenes looking for the good stuff. Finally, I got to the part where she was over his knee and between blows on her cute red ass and her cries, he rubbed her wet pussy while she moaned. That did it! I could feel the orgasm rise and a split second later, the alarm went off.

Immediately, it just stopped. It didn't slow down. It stopped completely. My pussy was completely relaxed. Not a trace of the intense spasm that was taking of just a millisecond before.

I sat up. I couldn't  comprehend what just happened. How could an orgasm just disappear once it started? I would like to take credit for stopping it because I am so obedient to Sir but I can't. It happened so quickly that I didn't even have time to makes that choice. 

I know my submission is deep but I had no idea it was this deeply ingrained. It's so amazing what the mind and body can do when you are dedicated to a goal and preserve even when things get difficult.


  1. Is there a reason you did not go back to the original woman you had the first threesome with (Elise?)? That sounded like a good beginning unless she did something to tick you guys off.

  2. The mind is a powerful tool and the combination with body/sexuality can give quite extraordinary effects :-)