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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Just what I needed

It's been a long couple weeks for both Sir and I for various reasons. Some because of miscommunication on my part regarding our d/a relationship but mostly stress due to unrelated trials and tribulations. 

I personally have been stressed, overworked, and tired of keeping so many of the areas of my life running smoothly in crisis.

I was exhausted by having to be in control at work, at home and now that I think about it, everywhere. On top of that there were so many changes happening and none of them I had asked for or particularly wanted.

So, when Sir texted me last Friday and told me to come over to serve him, a huge wave of euphoria and relief swept over me. I said I would be over within our two hour agreed upon response time. 

He told me I was not say a word unless asked a direct question. This only raised my excitement level up another notch.

I quickly jumped in the shower and got over there as fast as I could getting hornier by the second as the weight of real life pressures rapidly melted away.

He told me to bring my nipple clamps and come in which being the obedient little bitch I am is exactly what I did.

What came next was the most amazing and cathartic hour I can remember. The pain was beautiful and immediately morphed into that unique concoction of pleasure. I had what seemed like endless orgasms that came without effort as soon as he said the word.

The scent of his velvet skin was  intoxicating and it was all I could do to stay grounded in reality, I felt, I listened and responded, I obeyed every command as if on auto pilot.

it was pure Utopia. 

Afterwards, I got up, slipped on my dress and walked out into the night. 

I don't remember the drive home or even falling asleep. I do remember waking up sometime during the night wondering if it was real or just a dream. One touch of my battered nipples and pussy made it obvious that what had happened was indeed very real.

I turned over with a big smile on my face and drifted off to sleep
wondering how I ever got so lucky to find such an amazing, magical man as Sir. 

What a lucky bitch am I...


  1. How is that training coming to take his 8" cock down your throat? If you have not made any progress, I think if I were your Dom I'd make you wear a 6" or so plug in your ass to work minus your panties. That might motivate you to get after it.

    1. What he has in mind if I don't get it would be way worse than that.

  2. Stolen moments are so define.. I'm having problems with my blogroll updating, so forgive my absence. For some reason certain blogs it will not follow correctly...

    peace and love

    1. Thank you for commenting One Man's View. It was amazing...