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Thursday, June 5, 2014

New Rules

In real life, other people's rules are annoying. I understand they are a necessary evil but they range anywhere from mildly annoying to a huge hassle. This is not true of Sir's rules. I love his rules. I crave them and most importantly, they keep me accountable and focused on my submission. In an tumultuous, always changing world they make me feel safe and secure. 
I am happy to say, he has given me several new rules in the past month. 
- I am to wear something he gave me to bed each night. I already had the rule that I am to wear something during the day but he believes that night time when I am lying there alone in the dark is an impressionable time and what better to think about than my submission to him. Over the years, he has bought me two t-shirts from sporting events we attended. One from the Seattle Mariners and the other from the Rat City Roller Girls. He also gave me a pair of pink pajamas from Victoria's Secret which I love. I asked if he would give me some of his shirts to sleep in and he actually gave me one of his  t-shirts from Starbucks. This meant so much to me especially since it was one of his favorite's. I feel so submissive when I have it on and it has become my favorite thing to wear to bed. I love to sleep naked but I do need to ask Sir's permission. When he allows it, I usually put on one of the necklace's he gave me to satisfy that requirement.
- Sir does not like the colors pink and red together so he said I am not to wear these colors together. Separate is fine. It is a quirky rule but I like it :) 

- I have been doing yoga on and off for a couple of years now. While I love it in many ways, lately I haven't been going as much as I used to or should. I mentioned this to Sir who then decided from now on, I must go to class a minimum of 2 times per week. This has kept me motivated and I have gone at least twice every week with fail. It improves not only my mind but my body and I am very happy to have this as a new rule in my life.

-I need to be accountable for my actions and words. In the past, if I did or didn't do something I was supposed to, instead of simply saying I failed to do it and I take full responsibility for that, I instead would come up with all these excuses and outside road blocks to justify why. I never realized how often I did this! I must say I have become much more conscious of this. Well, at least with Sir anyway...
-I am not to argue or disagree with Sir. Of course, it I have something important to discuss, I may respectfully do so. This is more about those snarky argumentative remarks. For example, I am not to be late to any of our meetings. A couple of weeks ago I was to meet him at his house. He told me I was late and I immediately raised my voice and said "No I wasn't". The way I did it was not submissive at all. The funny thing is that if he hadn't pointed it out, I would never have noticed. Submission has really made me more self aware and take a hard look at ingrained behaviors. I am happy to report that last time I saw him, he told me quite pleased how far I came here. I felt that temptation arise but before I actually said something, I was able to stop myself and act properly.
I am quite happy he has added all of these rules and rituals and they have only make my submission stronger.

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