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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Mind Altering Subspace

I've been thinking a lot about how nearly every time I am with Sir in a sexual capacity, I have fallen in to this euphoric state of ecstasy call subspace. When I first read about it back when we started our journey, I wondered if it was something that I would ever experience. I soon learned it was a real phenomenon and a damn awesome one at that!

It’s actually difficult to explain what subspace is especially because it is slightly different for everyone.

I would start by asking yourself these two questions. Have you ever felt a light-headed, almost floating feeling in the presence of your Dominant? During play have you ever reached a place that feels like pure happiness and submission, where you know you’d do anything?  If so, his is likely subspace.

Subspace involves a change in the person's state of mind and  may involve the following characteristics:


Feeling like you are unable to communicate or verbalize. Your state of mind may simply be such that you can't think enough to construct sentences or follow through on simple tasks, unless it’s your Dominant telling you to do something.

This has varying degrees of severity and at its most intense state, you might display an almost child-like simplicity in the way you deal with things.

There may be a detachment which might make it difficult to determine if you are being harmed. In other words, the person experiencing subspace may not be able to judge when to stop. They may not even be aware of any of the pain they are physically experiencing. This can be very dangerous which is why it is imperative that you trust your partner. I trust Sir with my life and well-being. I have never trusted anyone else enough to be vulnerable to them.

There is often an inability to concentrate on anything external. This means that someone experiencing subspace should probably not operate heavy machinery, drive, or make important decisions.

If you are lucky enough to be able to find subspace with a partner you can trust, make sure you savor it fully! This is not easily achieved by the average person and you should consider yourself blessed! Here is how I maximize my own experiences:


Relax into the sensations. Surrender not only your body but your mind.

 Allow your body to receive the pain or pleasure without any additional response or thoughts on it. This is sometimes difficult for me. I am working very hard on not anticipating anything just receiving it.

Calm your mind. It has been understood that to feel the endorphin's take hold you have to open yourself up to them. Let the pain wash over you, or the pleasure fill you overflowing.

Masochists tend to reach sub space a bit easier because they are already intense sensation junkies (this is totally me). However, don’t think that you have to be a masochist at all to reach sub space. The sense of euphoria can happen at any time.

 If you are really lucky, sometimes you can even reach subspace when you aren't even physically proximate to your Dominant. It’s commonly felt like a sense of complete devotion and service, or happiness. When you focus on service and your submission you can reach this sense of pure and primal connection to your Dominant. This connection to him, this intense focus is sub space. You may appear to have tunnel vision; your Dominant is the only thing you are centering your attention on and time seems to fade away. I've lost many hours this way. In complete service bliss. This has happened most often to me when Sir has assigned me to cum interestingly or within a certain time limit. I get tunnel vision and can think of nothing else, until I've done what he has asked. I get that same light headed feeling and pain or discomfort becomes irrelevant.

 Another example of when this happened when I knew he was somewhere getting pleasured and he had me orgasm thinking about it. He texted me right before and told me exactly what was about to happen. Just knowing that he was being pleasured at the exact same time I was cumming for him miles away was enough to set my mind reeling into subspace. When I get here it almost feels like Sir is my higher power and by devotion to him often brings me close to tears and all choked up in my submission. I feel completely connected to him in a powerful way at that moment.

How you experience sub space is completely individual. It is a personal connection to your Dominant that can never be replicated with another. It can be very edgy and intense or it can leave you feeling like you are glowing with happiness. Whatever the sensations, always allow yourself to experience it, revel in it and thank your lucky stars you are vulnerable enough to be open to this literally mind altering experience.


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