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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

I am now permanently marked by Sir

Well, it finally happened. I have been permanently marked by Sir. It makes me feel happy, horny, submissive and even a bit anxious, all at the same time.

He came to my place after work to pick me up for a 6pm appointment. When had a bit of time before we had to leave so I made him his favorite drink and he proceeded to tease and make me crazy with horniness. Fortunately, he allowed me to have 3 orgasms before we left. This was a good thing because the endorphin's worked their magic and allowed me to be a bit more relaxed and focused for the evening.

All three were my favorite kind of orgasms (except for the kind I have by him fucking me of course. Nothing even comes close to that pleasure!). With these, I use the friction of an object or my hand but do not actually penetrate myself. In fact, I am not even usually naked for them. I have had these as far back as I can remember and they have always a sure-fire way to get me off. Actually, before I met Sir, they gave me more sexual satisfaction than anyone or anything else ever could.

During the last orgasm, he held his glass of ice against my pussy and told me to cum. Not one to ever disobey an order to cum I got to work. With a bit of maneuvering and just the right tilt, I was soon rewarded with a strong orgasm. It was heaven! I suspect it was the extremes of being both hot and cold that did it. I've noticed I am drawn to simultaneously feeling extreme opposites like hot and cold, pain and pleasure, emotional and physical pain, insecurity and confidence, to name just a few. I've recently become aware of just how deeply rooted these dichotomous sensations are in my sexual proclivities.

So, after Sir generously allowed me these 3 lovely orgasms, we left for our appointment. The place he chose has a great reputation. It was clean and I had a very good vibe about it. The tattoo artist was very nice and knowledgeable and I felt at ease immediately. Sir decided he wanted his mark on my left side, adjacent to my breast. I was very pleased about the location he chose. As usual, he knew just the right thing for me.

Up to this point, I hadn't been nervous about the idea that I was going to be forever marked by Sir but that changed as soon as the artist had me lie down on my side. I could feel my heart beating as I held up my shirt. My mind started racing and I tried not to anticipate what was going to happen, something I have been trying to master for Sir. The funny thing is that while it definitely hurt, the pain was way more intense when I imagined how it was going to feel. I decided to make the conscious effort to not anticipate the pain of the needle and instead just chatted with Sir about this and that. To my amazement the pain became much more manageable! This lesson really stuck with me.

Fortunately, it was all over in 15 minutes. In my mind, I thought it was going to take an hour or two so this was wonderful news. Overall, it was a great experience and I'm so glad Sir was there to share it with me. it is always easier for me to take pain with him by my side...

Afterwards, he took me for dinner down the street and then on the car ride home he had me put on my nipple clamps. He even tightened them! Ouch! By the time I got home they were pretty numb and I wasn't feeling too much pain but boy was I ever relieved when they were finally off for good.

He went on to give me so many orgasms that I lost count which is pretty typical. I told him I should get one of those hand-held counters, then I can simply click it every time I cum :)

This is my first tattoo ever and the gravity of being marked with this symbol has not gone unnoticed. It is a very well-known BDSM emblem and pretty much seals my fate as a submissive. Not that it is a bad thing! I have thought long and hard about what the impact of having a tattoo like this would be if I ever decided to go back to a vanilla life and then I realized that isn't ever going to happen. It took me so long to discover this side of me and I can say with certainty that I will never to go back into that bland, vanilla closet again!

I feel a sense of peace now as well as a fierce submission. I am marked as Sir's property which symbolizes both my devotion and how I am his to do with as he sees fit. This feels right to me and no matter what the future holds, this is something I will never regret.



  1. First, Thank you... Thank you for the wonderful comment... Which once I get a comment I visit that site as soon as possible. Now I realize my blog roll is not updating your blog post. I redid it, but it's still showing a post you did seven weeks ago and nothing new. It's been doing that off and on for awhile now. Some blogs it just will not keep up with for some reason. I'll keep working on it.

    Now, congrats... You are so happy it flows from your post. I'm happy for you. Have a wonderful weekend...

    peace and love

  2. Thank you. I do love your work. I am happy but every once in awhile I still get one of those "What did I do?!?" moments. I hope you have a great weekend too and it's full if new inspiration for your writing :)

  3. *smiles* Love this entry and the level of your committed submission is beautiful. Master and i have been speaking of having my clit pierced and i am in that state of happy excitement as well as feeling the insecurities rise in me. You know those crazy "what if's". *giggles*

    What i love the most of your post though is the bravery and complete submission you had. How you realized this is not just a tattoo, not just a symbol, not even just a brand or mark for and of your Master ( not that the latter isn't one of the most wondrous rewards in itself), but that you realized it was/is a sign of your commitment to the true submissive you are. A sign that can not easily be removed, nor should ever be removed.

    Welcome to a new chapter in all that you are!! *smiles* i shall look forward to reading more in the days to come.

    P.S. *sighs* i have never thought of getting a tattoo myself until a few months ago, when the thought drifted into my mind.

    It's odd really but the longer i am with my Master the more i want to have that type of constant reminder of who i am, so i never settle to be less. Like you i "Never" want to go back, i can't i honestly feel now it would destroy me. The clit piercing i am sure will do this, and yet... a small tattoo that say's "slave" or a special symbol of the lifestyle... *sighs dreamily* may have to speak further of this to my own Master. *blushes*

    *giggles* i have gone and posted a blog entry on your reply portion... sorry about that. This seems to of touched me deeper than i first realized. May be time for a follow up post on my own blog..

    slave *~destiny~*

    1. I'm glad it got you thinking Destiny and I recommend it. I don't regret it in the least. No matter what the future holds, it will always symbolize a pivotal point in my life and the amazing person for whom none of this would be possible if we hadn't met.

      I look forward to hearing your thoughts on getting one and what you decide.

      I've had my nipple done which I love. I haven't thought much about my clit but who knows? Maybe I'll have to bring that up to Sir :)

  4. Such a beautiful sign if devotion . Any chance you would be willing to share a pic of it?:) ~ s

  5. Actually it is the one here in the post. The bdsm sign. There is no going back now! I don't know how I would ever explain this to vanilla guy. Good thing I'm confident that I'll never go back there again!

  6. Why are you not showing on my blog roll... Ugh. I need to come catch up with you.

  7. Actually someone else said that I wasn't showing up so it must be me. I'll check into it. I would love to catch up!

  8. Why are you not showing up in my blog roll. I follow you. Ugh. I need to go back and catch up. Also, I don't see a pic. Boo!

    That is quite the devotion. L. O. V. E. I. T. !!

  9. Dear Betsy,
    I am happy for you.


  10. Thank you Appy! I feel feel really good about it and think it was the right time for it.

  11. Thank you Appy! I feel feel really good about it and think it was the right time for it.