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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Waiting in the Dark

To reward me for the Seahawks victory on Sunday, Sir promised to fuck me. As his submissive bitch, there is no greater gift I can receive from him. From the second I learned he would be using me in the very near future, my pussy had not stopped throbbing!


I was given explicit instructions to be waiting for beginning at 6pm sharp. Not just waiting but waiting naked in the dark with no distractions. No tv, no internet, no books, not even a light! I was to simply sit naked on my couch in the absolute darkness and wait for his arrival. He did not give me a time when he was to arrive. It would be when he was good and ready. His arrival time was irrelevant to my task anyway. I was to wait this way as long as it took.

My submission runs deep so of course, I did exactly as Sir said. I rushed home. At 6 pm, I stripped off my clothes, turned off the lights and sat on my couch waiting for him. 

I can't remember the last time I sat and did nothing. Seriously, I am always doing something. Access to endless information from my constant companion, the iphone, made time sitting alone with no distractions a thing of the past.

But this is what Sir wanted and what Sir wants, Sir gets.

So, I sat there for what seemed like an eternity! He later told me it was only about 1 hour and 15 minutes. I will admit it was just as hard as I thought it was going to be. My mind wandered from how horny I was for Sir to what he may do. I tried to focus on being able to take exactly what he wanted me to.

Finally, I heard the screen door open. This was it. I took a deep breath as the key turned in the lock. He said nothing. He poured a drink and turned in the kitchen light. 

I sat there motionless, not saying anything, just waiting for him to direct me.

He came over and took me by the hair and pulled me from the couch into the bedroom. He brought the whip he had previously instructed me to have available as well.

He commanded me to lie on my stomach to which I quickly complied he began to whip me on my ass, back of the thighs and back. I had prepared for this. I knew I deserved it for not disclosing vital information to him. I had pictured myself taking his lashes so despite the pain, I was able to take it for him.

I wonder now if he sensed that this might not be enough to break me because he then had me turn over on my back. He took out his beloved cock and I got even wetter just as the sight of it. I greedily search for it with my mouth as the whip game down on my tits and pussy. Hard! Soon, I began to feel severe pain especially in my pussy. This plus him shoving his huge 8 inch cock down my throat soon became downright difficult. All I wanted to do was please him. Give him all the pleasure he gave me but the whip just relentlessly biting into my pussy. I tried to cover my tits and twist to cover my pussy but he slapped my hands back down to my side. He did this several times and soon he was able to simply point as I moved my arms or legs and I immediately got back into his desired position.

He pulled my hair to position me to his preference and I fell to the floor. My head hit. It wasn't hard but it was enough to shake me up and start the tears. I didn't expect this. Once they started I couldn't stop. But unlike the last time, I didn't try to stop them. I just let myself cry. The pain and emotion I had been suppressing just came pouring out. Sir later told me that this was his plan. 

He asked if this was too much for me. I said no. He asked if I wanted him to leave said that we could be done if that is what I wanted. Panic rushed through my body. I shook my head and desperately said "No!". Please don't leave Sir! I'll do anything for you and take everything you want to do to me. I want that! I need that!” 

Sir went on to let me gave 7 orgasms that night! He really is so good to his horny bitch. I had no trouble cuming at his command not that I usually have much anyway. Tonight I felt like I reached a new level. My body wanted to please him as much as mind did so as soon as he said "cum" my body automatically started the process. No effort or concentration involved. It excites me so much that my brain is so deeply wired to his pleasure that when he tells me to cum, my body  simply obliges.

Sir also gave me some new rules
- I am to keep my lips open at all times.
- I m to keep legs and arms uncrossed at all times.

- I am to tell him where I am staying each evening.

- My tits are no longer mine, they are his. This means no touching or rubbing. I am a bit sad about this one since I love rubbing them to feel the soreness after he pinches or bites them. On the bright side, I may ask him for permission to play with them at any time.

Now for the big one.

He said I need to find a woman to lick my pussy AND that I needed to cum when she did this! 

I am terrified about this but I am determines to do this for Sir.

A man with his stature and abilities deserves to get whatever he wants, no matter the cost and this bitch will move mountains to make that happen.

Now, to find that woman...


  1. The last two scenes involving the Seahawks and sitting in the dark were so hot. He certainly knows how to make you feel like a submissive horny bitch. Especially now that you have to find a woman to make you cum by licking your pussy. Let us know how you plan to find that woman.

    Good luck.


  2. It often amazes me the obedience he inspires in me. He is a natural and so am I. I did find that woman and was able to accomplish his task! I don't see me becoming a full blown lesbian anytime soon though. Thanks for your compliment on my submissiveness, you made my day :)

  3. Wish Sir would fuck me for Seahawks victiry (I'm a 12th man as well). Very hot accounts!

  4. I'm with you there! If only he would fuck me for every win. I'd be getting fucked weekly :) Heaven.
    Go hawks!