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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

My first girl on girl experience

Sir wanted me to find a girl to have a sexual experience. Alone.


I take his requests very seriously. In fact, there has never been one I have denied. I have always obeyed him 100%. But this one really made me freak out. I’m not exactly sure why. I mean I have been with women before and while it isn’t my preference, I have grown to appreciate the feminine form.  The difference is that it was always with Sir involved. When I am around him, my sex drive is always at 100 percent. It doesn’t matter where we are or who is around, if he is my proximity, I am desperate to fuck him. This doesn’t change when another woman is with us. His presence makes me insanely horny which in turn makes sexual acts with her better. But how would I feel without him there? I honestly had no desire at all to play with a woman by myself. I have never been able to get over the fact that in the end, I won’t get fucked and isn’t that the ultimate prize?


First thing was to find her woman. For some reason this wasn’t a huge concern. I figured there had to be a pretty large pool of lesbians and bisexual women to choose from. I won’t go into too much detail about my search but I did end up ruling out pure lesbians as I felt that they would not fully understand my plight.


Since I only had one week to do this, I thought someone I already knew would be my best bet. Last summer, I had met a woman named Jwho contacted me on OKCupid. In my profile, I identify myself as bisexual and seeking women only to basically have a threesome. We emailed and texted for a while and eventually met last summer at a Starbucks. I immediately found her very easy to talk to. She also was bubbly, attractive and as a Pilates instructor, she had a beautiful body. During our meeting she told me she was married but that her husband encouraged her to explore desire for women. Unfortunately, made it quite clear she did not want to me with other men or in a threesome. While I did like her, I was not interested in this at all so I pretty much blew her off. She tried several times to get together but if there was no chance I could bring her to Sir, I had no interest.


I got to her house about 10 minutes early so I sat in my car basically freaking out. After about 5 minutes, when I couldn't sit there for one more second, I went up and knocked on the door. 

She has a beautiful house out in a remote suburb of Seattle. It was neat and very nicely decorated and smelled delicious from the lasagna she was making. She offered me a glass of the merlot wine which I had brought which I took eagerly. I drank a little too fast because I was so nervous and I ended up having 3 glasses before the night was over.


To say the least, I was quite buzzed, which in this situation did not seem like a bad thing! I was eventually able to relax and enjoy our conversation. I again felt a slight shot of anxiety when I saw the romantic dinner setting. She had set up the formal dining room and used  the "good china". The lights were dim and she had candles on the table which she lit when we started dinner. Yes It was quite the romantic setting and I had to get my head around that the fact that this was not simply dinner with a friend. For all intents and purposes, it was a real live date. The only thing out of place was it was with a girl!


After about a half an hour of chatting, we had dinner, which was delicious. I was so nervous all day that I hadn’t eaten much so that I was hungry! I helped her clean up and while standing in the kitchen she leaned over and kissed me. It was really weird and I felt awkward to say the least but I kissed her back. Women are so much softer and more delicate. I can appreciate that but there is no doubt about it. I prefer it rough! After a few minutes we stopped kissing and she asked if I wanted to see her toy collection. I said yes.


We went upstairs into a spare bedroom as opposed to the bedroom that she shared with her husband, which I found interesting. She had all these sex toys  lined up on display on the dresser!!! Very strange but Ok. We talked and looked at them for about 15 minutes. She had texted me earlier asking me to bring my favorites so I showed her the jackrabbit vibrator that I had brought. She asked if she could try it on me. I couldn’t think of a reason to say no so which I laid down on the bed. I was wearing the beautiful skirt and top that Sir had given me for my birthday with a  matching black and red bra and panties which she absolutely loved. We both took off my panties together and I felt my anxiety begin to escalate.


I will admit the jackrabbit felt so good!!! I closed my eyes and tried to pretend it was Sir fucking me and how he sounded when telling me I must cum. Unfortunately, as soon as I started to get into it, she took it out so she could show me some power massager. The spell was broken and my anxiety returned.


Despite being somewhat intoxicated, I did have the where with all to know I should do something in return so I decided to take her shirt and jeans off. She had a really cute bra and panty set on too.  So we talked about the best place to shop. We also laughed about how strange it was to have the undoing of the bra issue just like teenaged boys. I sucked on her tits a bit which I actually kind of liked.  She had smallish breasts and her nipples were like half the size of mine but they were so soft and tender and I was fascinated. Interestingly, I briefly had the urge to bite one of them. I found that strange that I wanted to do that. Of course I didn't. I'm pretty sure that would have been the end of our rendezvous. She is not into pain, D/S ect at all!


She asked me to use this light blue motorized dildo on her to which I obliged. She moaned and writhed on the bed and I felt a bit awkward again. I really didn’t know what I was supposed to do. With Sir, I lose all control and am taken over by this animal like lust. There is never a moment where I feel awkward or am wondering what I should do. I don’t think, by body just reacts to him.  


I'm not sure how long she had been using the dildo but she pulled it out, looked me straight in the eye, kissed me and asked me if I would lick her pussy. 

Once again, it struck me how foreign this felt. I am used to eagerly complying to any request Sir has so it felt weird to be somewhere between nonchalant and ambivalent about licking her pussy. She has a slightly salty taste. Saltier than I remember from other women I have tasted. It was bad but it also didn’t inspire any real desire on my part.  After what seemed like forever, she finally tensed, stopped and rolled on her side. I’m not sure if she came or was just done but she seemed happy enough.


She began to talk a bit again about her toys. I panicked slightly when I thought we were done. I still hadn’t cum and I had to get that done for Sir. Otherwise, the night would have been in vain! I searched my mind for a way to get her to go back down on me. I brought up fantasies that have yet to be fulfilled. I told her that I was never able to cum by having a dildo and woman working on my pussy at the same time and that I was dying to do this. She just looked at me and smiled. She patted the pillow to tell me to lay back.


This was it. I had to cum. I knew this was my last chance. I thought about how Sir told me not to be a pussy and that I would do this because that is what he wanted. I pictured how happy he would be if I succeeded and how disappointed he would be if I failed. No, I couldn’t disappoint him. I hate that feeling more than anything. Failure was definitely not an option. Slowly, I felt that calmness that only he can inspire come over me. I closed my eyes as she put the jackrabbit in my pussy and turned it on. For a second, I thought she wasn’t going to go down on me which would have be a disaster but finally I felt her breath and lips on my pussy. I tried to define what I was feeling. I think she was pushing and pulling my pussy lips.


My mind wandered and I scolded myself in my head. I needed to concentrate. I needed to cum for Sir. There was no other option and I would be damned if I would leave her without accomplishing this! The sooner I came, the sooner I could end this girl on girl session. I closed my eyes. I tried to imagine the sensations I felt when Sir was fucking me, even though the dildo didn’t even come close to the size of him. I wanted it harder. None of this passive baby strokes like someone was petting a kitten. Ugh! I was going to need to use more imagination to compensate. I rocked my hips in short slow strokes trying to establish a rhythm. I pictured how his skin felt, how intoxicating his smell made me. The time he fucked me so roughly over the kitchen counter that I had bruises on my hip bones drifted in my head. I know it is crazy but I swear I could hear his voice in my head telling me to cum. It sounded just like he did during those times where he is losing patience and wanted immediate compliance. I briefly was interrupted by the sensation of her moving., probably to get comfortable because I was taking so long. I pushed that thought out of my head and focused on how good it felt to have that dildo in my pussy and how aroused I was because I was so close to accomplishing this task and how happy Sir would be. That’s when I felt it rising. I thought about the relief I felt when Sir finally allowed me to cum while fucking me and at that very point, that tingling sensation burst through and I soon felt a calmness fill me body.


I was drained. I wanted a minute to lay there and revel in the fact that I did it. I really did it! But J started rambling on about something and I kind of had to listen. To be honest, I just wanted to get out of there and I felt a little guilty about that. By this time, I had been at her house for nearly 3 plus hours! I wanted to go. I chatted for a few more minutes and just as things started to get awkward, I said that I had to work in the morning so I really should go. She walked me to the door and kissed me. She told me she would love to see me again and brought up going to the bisexual woman meetup she told me about earlier. I said sure and left.

Do I regret this? No. While I'm not that turned in by purely girl on girl action, I am incredibly turned on by submitting and serving Sir. 




  1. this was a good read. I have never been with a woman and I want to..but like you...with Sir there and a bit of the rough!

  2. It's worth trying but having Sir there is infinitely better! I agree with the rough part as well. This was way too soft and gentle. As a compliment to the hard and rough manner of Sir it would be nice but alone it just got me kind of frustrated. I hope you do try though and I would love to hear all about it :)