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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

A new friend

There is no doubt that my very high sex drive is back in full force! It was never gone but was scaled back to that of an average person this summer when I had some struggles and wasn't feeling deserving of many orgasms. That's all in the past now and that's where I'm determined it will stay. Living sexually charged and horny is such a better way to live!

I was just in line at Target when the woman in front of me laid a package of clothes pins on the conveyer belt. Immediately my nipples got hard and my pussy wet. I got this very intense craving to feel those on my pussy. When you are a horny bitch like I am, it obviously doesn't take much! Good thing I love to be horny :) I'm hoping Sir will allow me to use my clamps and cum later...

Yesterday, I met a really awesome woman interested in a threesome situation. I wasn't in the mood to go at first but I'm so glad I did! She was bubbly, funny and pretty heavily involved in the poly and kink scene. I forgot how much I love making new kinky friends especially people integrated in these communities. There are so many exciting things I want to see and do still.

She was cute but became even more attractive the longer I talked to her. I was in a great mood when I left. She definitely liked me too and went out of her way to make it known she was bisexual and that it is a very important part of what she is looking for in a threesome situation.

I told Sir about how excited I was about her.  I know he will enjoy her company. My only concern is that I am not 100% sure he will be sexually attracted to her. Even after all this time, I've been wrong a couple times one way or another about this. I'm hopeful he will though! I really want to start exploring this with him again..

I am in the process of setting up something up for us all to meet and I hope at this time next week, I have good need to report!


  1. Why are you not showing up in my blog roll? Frustrating. I need to go read about all your encounters with the women. I know, at first, you had reservation like me. It seems you are enjoying them more than you thought. I'm still holding back.

    1. I still struggle sometimes but I've learned let go and enjoy it more than I ever thought I could. There is no better teacher than experience. Don't be too tough on yourself. A lifetime of wiring doesn't change over night but it can change. Your journey has been amazing and you are a strong beautiful woman. I have no doubt you will conquer anything you put your mind too!