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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Servicing in Silence


Last night, Sir and I fulfilled yet another long time fantasy. I was to come to him, not utter a single word the whole time I am there and then leave as soon as he is done using me. I like to call it “Servicing in Silence” and let me tell you, it was even better in reality than it was in my fantasies! I am getting wet again just writing about it.


Sir had rare evening home alone and decided that he would like to be serviced. When I saw his text, my pussy became instantly wet and I mentally began to go through the logistics of making sure I was there to see that his needs were met.

I love to go to him when he is in need of my services. Words cannot accurately describe the incredible pleasure it brings me both physically and mentally to be able to serve him in this way.


Shortly after his initial text, I received another telling me to come in wearing my nipple clamps and not to say a fucking word the whole time I was there. My excitement grew. We had talked about this several times before and now it was finally going to become a reality!


I got what I had to do taken care of and arrived at his house around 10:30pm. I opened the door and saw him sitting his a chair. My body immediately entered that beautiful state of arousal and submission. I straddled him, trying to suck every ounce of his essence I could. Just as I felt the urge to cum, he told me go upstairs to his bed. I thought to myself, “This no talking thing isn’t so hard and just as hot as I thought it would be.”


He came in the room, sat down on the edge of the bed and read the instructions for the new video camera we got to record our adventures. I happily sucked his cock trying very hard to remember all the ways to make deep throating more successful. I was able to get him all the way down briefly but not consistently which is my goal. Ugh! When will I ever conquer this?


He told me to lay face down on the bed and I obeyed immediately. He said what a good girl I was to come service him so quickly and as my reward I was allowed to orgasm as many times as I would like. You can only imagine the happy horny bitch I was at that moment! He went on to say that we did have one order of business to take care before we started and I knew immediately what was going to come next.


One Sir’s rules is that I am to text him each night before I go to bed telling him which of the things he has given me that I wore that day. The night before I did compose a text with this information but for some reason, it didn’t go through. Well, actually the reason is that I did not push send. It wasn’t until I got a text the next morning asking what happened that I realized my error. 

I know this wouldn’t be much of a concern with anyone else but I DO NOT like messing up his rules, even accidently. I am often surprised by how upset it makes me when I  disappoint him. Submission takes devotion, persistence and in instances like this, precision. This was a careless mistake and I should have checked to see that it sent.


I knew this was a punishable offense but that wasn’t what distressed me. What distressed me was that I let him down and to a submissive woman, letting down her Dominant is worse than any physical punishment that can be doled out. He gave me lashes and while it hurt, it was a cleansing hurt and I felt proud to be paying for my misdeed by taking my punishment.


As usual, taking a well-deserved punishment made me wet and horny! When he started fucking me, I thought I would explode. I came literally seconds after he entered me. It was amazing and I remember wondering how it was possible to feel this good. In these situations, I don’t have a very good concept of time but I soon orgasmed again and again. Sir asked me questions about learning my lesson and I answered him by shaking my head yes and no being very careful not to speak. I noticed that it became more difficult to be quiet when he fucked me and I realized that Sir and I talk quite a bit during sex. I had never really thought about it before we really do communicate a lot while fucking. While our communication has made our connection even more amazing there was something to be said for this forced silence. It made me feel happy and submissive. I easily communicated everything I needed to with my body. Oh, how  loved this and I was so turned on! This experience was turning out to be everything I imagined it would be and more.


I was just about to have yet another orgasm when I felt a sharp, painful blow to my cheek. It nearly took my breath away. He said I was not to say a single word. I didn’t even realize I said anything at all which made it all the more painful. I began to cry. Mostly from the shock and the pain. It took awhile to compose myself but he asked if I wanted to wallow on the fact I spoke or keep enjoy my freedom to orgasm. This snapped me out of my pity party and  soon I was having yet another orgasm.


Awhile later he said we could either stop or I could take 12 lashes. This is always an easy decision for me. I’ll do anything for orgasms and I never turn them down despite how painful the alternative may be. I took my  lashes and the pain was “exquisite” for lack of a better word. I knew I was in what was called "sub space" and it is a beautiful place to be. The pain fulfilled me like it ever had before. Sir stuck his fingers in my pussy and he could tell by my dripping wet cunt, that I was in a state of pure ecstasy. I came again twice, maybe three times, I can never keep count and then ended with what is always one of my favorite parts. Sir cumming deep inside me. If there is a heaven, I imagine that is what it is like.


Sir got up and brought me a towel and a glass of water. I cleaned myself up, kissed him and went to put on my panties. He walked me to the hallway and with one last kiss I walked out silently into the night. 



  1. We have had the quiet sex nights too. It can be very intense. But I also like to break her silence which usually means being very aggressive and giving her one of those intense orgasm where she has to say stop... I love seeing her worn out and breathless.. :)


  2. It is quite amazing! I had to concentrate so hard not to yell out during an orgasm that I had to bite my pillow :)