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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

A High Sex Drive - The Pain and Pleasure of being a Horny Bitch!

Historically, I have had a typically average sex drive. Actually, it even could have been considered low after I had kids and felt trapped in a bad marriage. It was the last thing on my mind and some days I would have been happy to never have it again! God, it is hard to even remember even feeling that way but I know I did.

That is definitely not a problem anymore. In fact, I have the exact opposite problem. When I met Sir over five years ago, for the first time ever, I began to notice that I started craving  sex. From the beginning, he was very passionate and forceful. It was different than anything I had ever experienced. I found myself aroused by the finger prints on my arms and between my thighs and this became synonymous with what I wanted from sex although I wasn't necessarily conscious of it as the time. This is when I think my predisposition to being submissive first started to become hard wired in my brain and not just a fascination experience purely as a spectator. I was hooked. Never could I have dreamed sex could have been as fulfilling as it was with him. I became 100% orgasmic and no longer needed to completely focus to have an orgasm if I even bothered. He just effortlessly brought them out in me. This went on to some degree of another for the next 3 years. I needed it and I would do anything to find a way to get it.

About 2 years ago, our always undefinable relationship took a turn into something that once I experienced it, I knew I had passed through to something I could never turn back from. He brought out something in me that I had unconsciously suppressed for years and I in him. What's funny, now that I think back, it happened so naturally. Neither of us asked if the other had these tendencies. We somehow just knew and once we started it grew rapidly from there.

Words can't express how fulfilling and wonderful it is. How it has taken me to places I never dreamed existed. I need it. I crave it. It comes to me as naturally as breathing does. But as amazing it is, it has one side effect that is both awesome and agonizing. My sex drive! It is off the charts. In fact, discovering my my submissive tendencies, has turned me into some kind of freak of nature!

From what I can tell, my sex drive is abnormally high now. I even go through phases where I wished I could have sex all day over and over again. I become so aroused I can't focus on anything else for very long. It becomes both mental and physical. My pussy aches and thoughts of sex and domination continuously pop in my head. Once it gets really bad I start thinking about asking Sir permission to cum and need to devise ways to trick myself into putting it off. I don't want to become a bother to him.

I have checked the Internet for answers to why a woman's sex drive would be too high and all I find are ways to increase your sex drive which leaves me to wonder is this uncommon or just not spoken about?

I have heard BDSM referred to "the LSD of sex" or "sexual skydiving".  Many people in this lifestyle tend to have certain traits in common like an adventurous attitude and a high sex drive. Contributing to this, is the unusually strong connection that is formed because we are able to discuss and explore fantasies that most people wouldn't ever dream of bringing up much less actually asking a partner to participate in.  I have felt how the chemistry in my entire body shifts to this euphoric state when he tells me something he would to do to me that would horrify most woman.  I remember one time he told me that he thought about how nice it would be if I came over, sucked his cock, and left without saying a word.  Let me tell you, I was horny for days after that! I couldn't stop fantasizing about it!  A "normal" woman would be indignant at such a resquest but not this horny, submissive bitch!
It's been a few years now so I know my patterns and I am used to always feeling horny. Despite, how long I've lived in this state of hyper arousal and fine tuned my coping strategies have become. I can usually only take it gracefully for so long. If it goes past a certain point, I start to get edgy, jumpy and even irritable. This is my problem and I try not to bother Sir with my unreasonable urges, but they have been know to make me quite demanding and have gotten me into trouble more than once! 

It usually starts if it has been awhile since he has fucked me. It's a gradual process and usually builds over days. It reminds me of those suspended buckets at water parks that slowly fill with water until it gets so full and finally tips. Even with Sir's generosity and my love of self stimulation, there is no substitute for him forcefully taking me. I can never get enough of that but part of my submission is being there for HIS needs and waiting patiently until he summons me.

I don't want to sound like I am complaining, Sir takes good care of me and rarely denies me orgasms. He often makes me work for them, which just makes it all the more delicious, but rarely does he outright say no. He is good at sensing my tolerance and I have noticed that many times the moment that I think I can't stand it one more minute, he lets me have that wondrous, magical thing called an orgasm! He is also the most sexually skilled amazing man that I have ever come across. No one ever has come close. I am consistently given 5 or 6 orgasms by him every time he fucks me. Who in their right mind, wouldn't crave that!

Interesting enough, I just got a text from him, saying it has been too long and he must take me soon! It never fails to amaze me how well he knows just how much I can take. I am one lucky girl! 
I have decided not to fight my high sex drive so much anymore. I like that feeling of pleasure and pain and given the choice between an off the charts sex drive and little to none, I'll choose being a crazy horny bitch every time!

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