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Monday, October 21, 2013

Surviving Orgasm Control

I have been so curious lately to talk with other submissives whose orgasms are under the strict control. I am always looking for creative ways to distract myself when I am so freaking aroused that I can't see straight but Ido not have explicit  permission to have an orgasm?

I especially have a hard time with this once my body and mind have been worked up into a sexual frenzy.  For example, many times when I am lying in my bed naked, something I also need permission for, he will text me that I am to touch myself.  Now,I don't ever do that unless given permission and it damn it feels so good!!!!  So, of course, I soon needed to ask if I could cum and he said not until I wake up in the morning. Needless to say, I did not fall asleep for awhile.  I got up and cleaned for about a half an hour, watched some boring tv and was finally able to drift off to sleep.  When my alarm went off this morning, my body and mind immediately remembered they were in a state of arousal and I was able to go on and have a very lovely orgasm. 
Here are a few things I use to distract myself while waiting for permission to cum:
- Physical exercise. Walking, running, lifting weights, or anything that gets me moving and my mind off my throbbing pussy. This has the added benefit of getting in shape!
- Cleaning
 Growing up as a decent looking girl, I never really needed to discourage or manage my horniness. I could either find a willing partner or take care of it myself.  So, this is a totally new phenomenon for me and let me tell you, I have a new respect for what teen aged boys go through!  My urges back then weren't one tenth of what they are now.  The lure of the forbidden, I suppose.

So, I am curious about what tips and techniques others might have used to squelch that overpowering urge to orgasm. Lately, my horniness seems out of control so I'll try anything for some relief! Please share :)


  1. I have found that nothing works...once my mind is set on wanting an orgasm, it is all I can think about...

  2. That sounds about the same for me too! I'm still trying to figure out a solution but I am beginning to think there may not be one. I will just have to suffer until he sees fit. Such a delicious suffering though...

  3. Thank you for this post, it gives me a certain insight in how "the other side" hands the orgasm denial, or the absence of permission to cum.

  4. It's definitely challenging but on the plus side, there is nothing quite as sweet as that hard earned orgasm :)

  5. I try to mentally block my orgasms...this seems to work most of the time. Only one time it did not, then I was punished.