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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Lesson learned

Last week I was in an unusually aggressive and horny mood and was feeling quite rebellious. I am not sure if it was due to the full moon or some other unknown reason but I started demanding and expecting multiple orgasms. I even lashed out at Sir when he did not respond to me right away. I was not being the best submissive bitch I could be. Not even close.


I did not break the rules but I thought about it. I was really fucking horny! The irritable throbbing sensation in my pussy was relentless and I used it as an excuse to be demanding with Sir. That did not make me feel good at all. I was immediately remorseful and apologized but the damage had been done. I was so disappointed in myself and knew that I needed to be punished as well as reminded of my place.


Sir gave me the honor of serving him dinner on Sunday and trust me, I paid the price for my willful behavior! He reminded me that he is in control of me. I am not in control of him. At no time am I ever to demand things from him. I am also not in control of my orgasms nor am I entitled to them. Ever. I told him that I understood that this pussy is his, not mine. I may respectfully ask questions but must always wait patiently for his response then accept and obey all decisions. Sir used a kitchen implement that he had me choose as well as his paddle. I was one sore and sorry girl after he was done.


As usual, his punishment made me both sorry and horny and desperate to have him fuck me. It also made me wish to atone for my bad behavior. Despite my insubordination, Sir was quite generous with me, giving me so many orgasms that I lost count.


Even though I had thoroughly learned my lesson, I was still bothered by my actions. I wanted to do more to show him that I had learned my lesson. Sir had said I had too many orgasms last week, especially in light of my bad behavior and that I shouldn't expect that many this week. I agreed. To honor this, I refrained from asking him for permission to have an orgasm for 87 whole hours! I have never waited that long to ask before but I wanted to suffer for him and prove that I had learned my lesson. As the hours ticked by this week I became increasingly uncomfortable. I really wanted to cum but at the same time, felt oddly calm and at peace with my decision to deny myself.


To my surprise and delight, he texted me this morning telling me I was to cum at 10am. I was absolutely beside myself with excitement! I did my best to work on the many things I needed to do but could not stop watching the clock. Finally, at about 10 minutes to ten, I jumped in my car and rushed the 4 blocks home. I took off my panties and lifted my skirt as I lied on the bed. I didn't touch his pussy since it was not yet 10am but I lightly touched the area around it as well as my tits. I watched one of my favorite porn clips about a very dominant man roughly fucking a submissive woman. I was just about to lose it when my alarm beeped telling me that it was 10am.


Finally, the time had come! I let me fingers explore my very wet and throbbing pussy. Within seconds, I felt the urge to cum so I jumped out of bed and paced back and forth until I felt back under control.


I started watching the video again and playing with my pussy when I felt the orgasm rising once more. I dropped the phone and once again stood up and paced until I calmed down.


I did this one more time then I knew I was at the point that couldn't stand it even one more second. I needed to set my orgasm free.


I began playing with myself once again and this time as I felt the orgasm rising, I surrendered myself to it. It felt absolutely amazing and it lasted much longer than the orgasms I had alone. I knew this was because I waited and proved to Sir that I was still 100% committed to my submission.


I will not soon forget that my place is to serve his needs and that I am his possession to use when and how he chooses.


Lesson Learned.




  1. It's good that he cared enough to give you a good lesson in the art of being a submissive woman. Thanks for sharing and I will look forward to hearing what he does next. I think I will link to your blog on mine.


    1. Thank you FD! That means a lot that you have linked to my blog. You and your relationship with your Good Girl is an ideal model for those of us still struggling. Thanks for helping me in my journey.

  2. Hello,

    Welcome to blogland, got here via FD's link.

    It can be a struggle but i tend to think if something worth having and holding onto is worth, and the good times make up for those struggles.


  3. Thank you for stopping by Tori! I agree that working through the struggles makes the good times all that more rewarding! Something about being able to conquer my fears and mental blocks is a huge turn on.