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Friday, February 21, 2014

Sir's Rule's

I have never been a particularly strict follower of rules and regulations. To me there are always gray areas and ways around things if need be. Considering this, it is odd that with Sir, I need them. I crave them and I will follow them to the letter of the law. In fact, the more the more rules he has for me, the happier I am and more submissive I become.

Last night Sir asked to me to meet him for dinner at an Inn in Mercer Island where we have gone to several times and I have fond memories of. As usual, I had a wonderful time. He makes me so aroused that I can hardly stand it. He is wonderful company. Charming, funny, smart and unbelievably sexy! I never could resist his charms and honestly, why would I want to? He even had me go to the restroom twice and told me to have 3 orgasms. I was so damn horny by then that I came in minutes.
We chatted about life in general as well as recent events in our kinky life. At some point, the subject of rules came up and he even gave me some new ones which I was quite pleased about. I thought about how I know the rules very well but had never put them together in one list so I decided I would do so.

Here is his list of Sir's rules for me. It has grown and evolved over the years and I hope it will continue to.
  1. No touching Sir's pussy without permission. No touching of my tits also became a rule a little later. This includes needing to ask permission to use the nipple clamps (This recently became an invaluable tool when attempting to control my sexual urges but that is another story...)
  2. No orgasms without permission.
  3. Orgasms are a privilege, not a right. I may ask only when in a submissive state in which I am doing so for his pleasure. I am not to manipulate, insist or request one for selfish reasons.
  4. Respond to texts within 20 minutes or notify him ahead of time that I will be out of reach.
  5. Do not sleep naked unless given permission.
  6. Text every night when going to bed.      
  7. A weekly report of recent activities and relevant thoughts is to be emailed every Sunday night.
  8. Legs, arms and mouth must be slightly open at all times in his presence.
  9. Wear at least one gift from Sir every day. Choices include jewelry, panties, clothing, scarves etc. This information should be reported each night when I text that I am going to bed.
  10. Always wear a skirt or dress in his presence unless given permission to do otherwise.
  11. Sir has the final word. He is very fair and listens to my opinion but ultimately he decides the course of action.
  12. Speak in a respectful manner and do not raise my voice.
  13. Update the calendar with where I will be each night.
  14. Be generally obedient. Expressing feelings is fine but there should be no excessive arguing or manipulating in order to get my way.
  15. Panties must be worn at all times unless instructed otherwise.
  16. Ask permission if anyone is going to use Sir's pussy.
  17. I am responsible for the actions of any given submissive he decides.
  18. All toys should be in working order and have working batteries installed at all times.
For the most part, I am pretty good at following these rules and it is of the upmost importance to me that I obey them. I feel horrible if I don’t. There are few feelings I dislike more than disappointing him. However, while I may not deliberately break these rules, it has occurred. Most of the time, this happens either by accident or by being careless and not paying attention.  

Without a doubt, the one that has caused me the most trouble is keeping my legs, arms and mouth slightly open at all times in his presence. This doesn’t come natural to me so I really struggle to remember and it probably has gotten me in more trouble than any other rule.

The other rule that is difficult to follow is number three. Not manipulating or insisting on an orgasm for my own selfish needs. While I have improved drastically here, I still occasionally get irritable and demanding. Most of the time when this happens is when it has been a long time since Sir has fucked me. Those demons that I work so hard to contain finally find a way out. It's not pretty and I'm often embarrassed by my reaction afterwards. Although a perpetually horny bitch like me can only go so long without it, I am getting better at controlling my urge to insist and demand sex. 

 I love my rules and take great pride in following them to prove my submission. I will always welcome any new rules and the opportunity they provide me to continue to strive to be the submissive he deserves.


  1. I have recently begun taking stricter control over Ella's orgasms. They belong to me, and while I may enjoy her pleasure, I also enjoy her suffering. Therefore, she may orgasm when, and only when, I choose. I applaud your dominant for making a similar choice.

  2. As difficult as it is sometimes, it really makes me appreciate and savor each orgasm. I get a lot of satisfaction by suffering for him and feel so alive when I experience that strange blend of pleasure and pain.

    I've enjoyed reading your journey with Ella and how just as my Sir does, you seem to innately know just what she needs.