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Friday, September 20, 2013

Ten Minutes to cum twice

Last night when I texted T that I was going to bed, I didn't see his follow up text telling me to send two outfits so he may choose what I was to wear the next day. So when I finally saw it this morning, after I had already arrived at work, I felt a rush of panic sweep over me.

I immediately texted him and told him about this unfortunate over site and that I fully expected repercussions for my carelessness. I asked if it would be ok to go home at lunch and take photos so he could choose. He texted back that this would be acceptable.

Around 11:30, I went into the restroom and took a picture of myself in the black top and tan skirt I was wearing and sent it to him with a text promising another outfit shortly. I only live a few blocks away from work so I headed home and soon I had photo of a second outfit which was the one he later chose for me. 

Sometimes he allows me to go pantiless in this situation so I texted him up ask, hoping he would allow it but his answer was no. So, back to the office I went. 

I should preface this by saying that my normal, baseline state, without any stimulus is horny. I wake up horny, am horny all day and horny all the way up to bedtime. Hell, I'm sure I am even horny while I'm sleeping! Whenever I hear from T, it immediately skyrockets. This combined with wearing what he chose for me and I was starting to feel very distracted.

I finally was getting back into my work when the following text came in.

"Go fuck yourself now... You may cum twice in the next 10 minutes if you can manage... Keep underwear off"

All of the sudden everything just melted away and all I could think about was having two orgasms and how I could get this done! I texted him back thanking him profusely, set the timer on my phone, grabbed my keys and practically ran to my car. I drove the 4 blocks home and as if a guardian angel was looking after me, I even found a parking spot right out front.

I rushed in, slamming the door behind me, pulling my panties down as I bounced back onto the bed. I was so turned on but I also was anxious knowing  that time was ticking down. Orgasms are such a precious commodity and it causes me great distress to waste even one. I concentrated very hard. I thought about how it would feel if he was fucking me right now, twisting my nipples and grabbing the flesh on my inner thighs. That's all it took, my first orgasm came hard and fast.

As I lie there, recovering, I remembered the second orgasm. I had to have it. I couldn't let it just disappear into oblivion. I started tensing my body and letting my imagination run wild. I thought about the time he had me restrained on his closet door, ball gag in my mouth and a stick holding in my legs apart with strict instructions not to let it drop. God! The sex after that was simply amazing! 

I could feel the orgasm rising fast and just  as I could feel its presence seconds away, the alarm on my phone started beeping.

This had to be a joke. The thought crossed my mind to just keep going. I would only need a few more seconds but as quick as the thought popped in my head, it disappeared. My body shut down. That was it. He said I could cum twice only if I could do it in 10 minutes but I couldn't, so that was it. I say up dazed and pulled up my skirt. 

What a strange sensation I was feeling. I had a desperately needed orgasm and felt that beautiful, relaxing feeling but by immediately getting getting myself riled up again without release, my body was confused.  I walked back to the car exhilarated. Feeling like I had been zapped with 100 volts of electricity. The afterglow balanced out my horniness on the rise. 

As I walked into the office, a coworker looked at me with curiosity and asked:

"Why are you so happy? You look like you just won the lottery! Hey, weren't you wearing something different earlier?"

I just smiled and walked away. I am one lucky bitch.



  1. Love it. sorry you lost an orgasm...ha you had sex hair and a smile I suppose lol

  2. I definitely had sex hair and a huge smile :)

  3. orgasm's on demand, i could never quite manage more than one on my own as i felt guilty about giving myself so much pleasure, fortunately i have a helping hand or something now days to get me past that block these days. i am guessing you have observant co workers as well where you are :D . Glad you had a good time

  4. That's interesting... I have never felt guilty about multiple orgasms as long as I had permission of course!

  5. This story is really adorable, and quite hot! I enjoyed it. :D
    While I've never been ordered to orgasm within a certain time frame, I find the idea very arousing. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks Alex! It took me a long time to orgasm on command but a lot if practice helps :)