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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Finding Another Submissive Woman to Train and Serve

So as you know, T is quite skilled at coming up with new and exciting challenges designed to make this horny bitch even hornier and help me grow as a person! In my last post, I wrote about how we started a conversation about what it would be like for me to see him with another and I said before, I have mixed emotions about it.

The traditional side of me despises the idea and fills me with rage and jealously. I understand these reactions. Isn’t that how you were supposed to feel when a man whom you desire gives or receives attention from another woman? Isn’t that what society taught me is the appropriate reaction?

Yes. Jealousy and anger, I get. Not that I am a particularly jealous person but in cases such as these, why of course I would be! What caught me off guard were the other feelings this idea aroused in me. Could it be that my new found enlightened kinky side was actually intrigued with this absurd idea? Was my pussy seriously starting to tingle and grow wet in anticipation as I began to allow these thoughts to flow uncensored through my mind? Indeed, it was. It was quite tingly and wet indeed.

As surprising as it was to feel turned on by this, I know exactly why it was. There was no doubt it was directly correlated with my blossoming love of pleasure and pain. How I experience such an incredible charge when these two former polar opposite emotions now blend so effortlessly into one new and amazing sensation. It finally dawned on me that thinking of another woman pleasuring him invoked that same pain and pleasure principal that I have grown so addicted to.
I began to embrace the discomfort as well as the arousal that this idea invoked and soon immersed myself in creating a fantasy about another woman fucking him. Soon afterwards, I had a very vivid and lovely dream about myself as well as two other submissive women serving him as we all lived happily together in a beautiful castle. There was that magnificent bond of sisterhood that I love so much between myself and the other women as well as an unwavering devotion to T. In this dream, not only did I worship, obey and serve him as I do now, but the other submissive women did so as well!

When I awoke from the dream in the middle of the night, my mind went over and over the details. I was completely enchanted by this idea of a commune (and I was quite wet as well!). I immediately wrote down everything I could remember about the dream down and emailed it to T.

He was quite pleased and liked the idea a lot! The next time we met, he asked me to pick from the following choices:

- Find anotherman to fuck in front of him
- Find a womanto pleasure in front of him
- Find anothersubmissive woman for him and I to train

So, to behonest, of these things would be very difficult for me. Let’s start first with being with another man. I had an immediate distasteful-reaction to this. I am completely trained to exclusively T’s wants, needs and techniques. How could another man ever satisfy me when I am trained only to orgasm to HIS distinct command? I could not follow another man’s orders. I don’t want to to and even if I did I have doubts that I even could! It seems completely absurd! There is no question that any other man would fail miserably at getting any kind of sexual response out of me. I can’t imagine that our reactions would harmonize what so ever. This option scares the hell out of me and fills me with great anxiety. In fact, of the three, this would absolutely be the last option I would choose.

As for being sexual with a woman? I have no experience what so ever with homosexual relations. None. I love women,. I think their bodies can be amazing works of art and have always related to them far better than men, but sexually? I don’t know. It definitely doesn’t come as naturally as sexual feelings for men do. However, I am considerably more intrigued now than I ever have been in the past with the idea so who knows? I definitely would not rule it out. The other thing pleasure with a woman has going for it is that it is a novel experience and I wouldn’t have the same comparisons that I would surely have if another man attempted to inspire even one tenth of the passion that T does.

Now, that leaves the third and final option. The training of another submissive woman to be worthy enough to serve him. This one was my first choice-immediately. Since my dream, I have often found myself fantasizing about this beautiful, almost utopian society,heavy with an aura of not only sex and obedience but of warmth, caring and intellectual stimulation. I frequently picture myselfin the role of both devoted submissive to T as well as a mentor to the otherwomen. I imagined teaching and enforcing all of his rules along with insuring they obey all of his wishes. I came up with the following list of basic rules to be followed at all times:

  • -To be completely cleanly shaven and ready for him at any time.
  • -No orgasms, ever, without his explicit permission.
  • -Arms and legs are to be kept uncrossed at all times.
  • -Learning the fine art of deep throating would behighly revered. Especially the importance of learning to control one’s gag reflex in order to swallow his 8 inch cock completely.
  • -He is to be addressed as Sir by all.
  • -There would be several rooms in which to sleep and we must always tell him where and at what time we would go to sleep each night.
  • -Dress and any adornments would be up to his discretion. (No pants)
  • -We are to practice daily with these beautiful jeweled clothespins to suppress the extreme sensitivity our nipples so we can withstand any kind treatment he may want to administer.
  • -The absolute number one rule was that we were to be ready to please him any time we were summoned.

These ideas have definitely dominated my fantasies in the last week or so. Yesterday, I told T that I decided that finding a submissive to train would be my choice. He was quite pleased as that was his preferred choice as well.

I have crafted an ad and just started to post it in various places. I have even had one very lovely response already. I look forward towhere this adventure may lead. I have nodoubt it will be a thrilling and sensual experience. All experiences with T are.

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