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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A Challenge from Him: Learning to Deep Throat

One of the great myths of being a sexually submissive woman is that you cannot or will not think for yourself. I for one, can’t emphasize enough how false this myth is! In the months since I have chosen to love and embrace the submissive tendencies of my sexuality, my creativity, productivity, imagination and maybe most importantly, my sexual satisfaction has been off the charts! The deliberate decision to surrender my sexuality to a dominant and sexually superior man, a man who I trust with every fiber of my being, has been one of the most intense and liberating experiences of my life.

The act of submission is a very psychologically complex concept for which there are as many meanings as there are individuals. For me personally, a fundamental part of this process is the unwavering desire to fulfill every single one of his carnal requests. Once I allowed myself permission to let go of what society says a woman should feel and instead listened to my inner desires, I crossed into this dimension of sexuality that I never even dreamed exist. The mere thought of pleasing him alone became enough to bring me to the brink of orgasm. I would part seas to make even his slightest sexual inclination a reality and it all felt so right. So pure and so true. So, as you can imagine, when he asked for me to learn to take his entire 8 inch cock down my throat, I agreed eagerly and without hesitation.

Now, despite my obsessional and overwhelming desire to do this for him, deep down, I must admit, I was more than a little concerned. This man is not your average guy in any way and penis size is no exception! According to Web MD, the average size of the penis is 5-6 inches. This specimen of sexual perfection measures in at a whopping 8 inches! Now, I always knew his cock was much larger than any I had ever come across in my years here on this earth but over 25 percent? That was a substantial amount! This task was no doubt a daunting one but I knew I would do whatever it took to find a way to accomplish this mission.

Now, I absolutely worship his glorious, over sized cock. Nothing has ever even come close to giving me so much pleasure! It is truly a treasure that legends are made of. Over the years, I have been blessed to have been fucked hundreds of times by him and in every single instance, I've experienced a beautiful and intense orgasm. I kid you not and I will say it again. I have climaxed every single time he has fucked me. So now maybe you can understand when I say a man of his stature and ability deserves nothing but very best and I was going to do whatever it took give it to him.

Up to the point of this request, I had only been able to take about 4 to 5 inches down. As soon as I went any further than this, I immediately started gagging. How would I ever conquer this task? Anxiety started to flood my veins and I responded by researching this subject with a passionate fervor. I googled every possible combination of words. I searched for any morsel of knowledge that that may hold the magic recipe.

- How to swallow a cock whole
- How to deep throat
- How to suck a whole penis

God love the internet! I don't remember what I did before it came along but it couldn't have been easy. I found quite a bit of useful information but here are the highlights:

- Squeeze your left thumb tightly in you left palm.
- The best position to get it down is to lie on your back with you head hanging over the side.
- Keep swallowing
- Dramamine for nausea
- Throat numbing spray to relax the gagging reflex.
- Cover his cock with lube (I got a delicious one from Lover's) so it can glide easily down your throat.
- Suppress your gag reflex with a toothbrush. I will talk more about this later.
- Stick flatten your tongue as if the doctor was using a tongue depressor. Slick your tongue out so the tip is below your bottom lip.
- Breathe out as the penis is going down your throat.
- Don't panic!

The adult esophagus is 10-14 inches long and 1 inch wide so there is no physical reason this feat can't be accomplished! Almost every article warned that suppressing the gag reflex is not a skill that is learned over night and it could take weeks to accomplish. I didn't like this of course because I wanted him to have this pleasure NOW but I soon found out that this is a process in which I indeed did need to have patience.

Of all the advice I received, the most helpful has to be "training the gag reflex with your tooth brush" and this soon became a daily ritual for me. After I brush my tongue, I reach back with the head of my toothbrush until I feel myself gag. I then stop and leave it in place for 10 seconds. During this time, I concentrate on my breathing. I do this every time I brush my teeth and I almost never gag any more!

Despite doing all these things, the real test was actually performing deep throat on him in all his 8 inch glory. I am happy to report, that I have been able to get him all the way down my throat. However, my work is far from over. I still can't take him down repeatedly until he reaches orgasm. I believe the only way I can actually achieve this is with practice and I will always happy to comply with that :)

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