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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

The Joys of Self Exploration

Self-Play, or masturbation as it is also commonly called, is an avenue for self-discovery, self-pleasuring, experimentation, learning, and even acting out fantasies for your partner. It is the safest form of sex. It is also the least expensive (you don’t necessarily have to take yourself out on a “date” beforehand).  This is true even if you do buy yourself a nice, fancy toy to play with once in a while! It's all about you :)

Fantasies drive self-play. Watching porn or reading erotica can be the source of your fantasies or they can be from your own mind (especially if you have a vivid imagination like I do!) Even writing-out your own fantasies as stories can be very stimulating. Some people find that self-play is a great time to map out strange or unusual fantasies they have. I personally love to do this.
If you are interested in having a sex toy collection, that can be an endless source of erotic fun. There are so many different things out there. You just have to start researching and trying them out. Whatever it is that you decide on, it is important to keep them good and clean at all times. Silicone toys are by far made out of the best material for sex toys. They are non-porous and made of a completely bacteriologically inert material. They can be boiled up to 500-degrees Fahrenheit and any cleaner or disinfectant can be used on toys made of silicone, be it alcohol, bleach, or anything else. Because of their expense, buy silicone toys only after you’ve experimented with non-silicone, less-expensive versions of similar toys and know exactly what you like. The silicone versions you purchase later on will last you years, if not for many years to come!

Mild sensation-play additions such as nipple or clitoral clamps for mild S&M can be a lovely addition to your session of self love. For me, these touches add to the general atmosphere and excitement of self-play!  

Now you don't just have to use sex toys. I have found many everyday objects like kitchen utensils, small bottles, celery sticks, cucumbers or even lit candles have brought me amazing pleasure! The kinds of things you can come up with for inspiration are endless! 
Keep in mind that many objects or toys that are new to you may have a “learning curve” before you discover their full potential. Many purchasers of kegal or Ben-Wa balls for instance, report not really “getting it” until a few attempts. So, keep at something a few times, and really sensitize yourself to what other ways you can move/flex/position that toy to produce a different effect till you get that “aha” moment!

Sensual self-exploration and discovery is part of the rich potential that is inherent in self-play. Just keep trying different things that you suspect may be expressions of your fantasies, sensations that you haven’t fully explored, or new kinds of objects or toys – all should become members of your arsenal for bountiful adventuring!
To summarize, self-play is more than simply pleasurable, it is part of your exciting sexual journey. Take your sweet time. Set aside lots of time to really explore yourself and your body’s possibilities. You have millions of erogenous zones! Take time to visit several of them and good luck making it last!

Well, when you have permission of course :)

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  1. "Well, when you have permission of course :)" : - or if you are been ordered for it ;-)